Boutique Tree-Palestine, Texas

Boutique Tree

Refuge of Light ‘Boutique Tree’
202 W. Oak
Palestine TX 75801
Open: Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm

What Can I Donate?

The Refuge of Light ‘Boutique Tree’ is an upscale resale shop that sells a wide range of items that have been donated by individuals, like you, with a heart for the ministry. Items include: furniture, antiques, art, collectibles, lamps, dishes, cookware, curtains, quilts, garden collectibles, birdhouses, jewelry, small appliances & clothes for teen girls.  All items can be donated directly to the store in Palestine, except clothing.

Clothes can be donated to the East Texas Cornerstone Assistance Network (formerly known as the Good Samaritan Outreach Center) in Tyler. They will accept clothing donations on behalf of Refuge of Light and help select pieces for the shop.

To help encourage regular donations, once a month ROL will have drivers to pick up items for individuals that would like to donate, but need assistance in getting their donations delivered to the store.

Volunteers Needed:

The Boutique Tree has a front and back entrance making easy access for loading and unloading furniture. There is a separate room that will be used for incoming donations, preparing items for resale, listing inventory, tagging and pricing. The shop will also house an ROL office that will provide volunteers a place to work and the availability to discuss volunteer and support opportunities to anyone with questions about the ministry. ROL will host periodic DMST (domestic minor sex trafficking) awareness training, after hours, at the store site to encourage a strong volunteer base and involvement. Community volunteers will ensure an on-going interest in the shop and the ministry.

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