We Are Celebrating a Graduation!

by / 0 Comments / 37 View / July 7, 2017

So VERY proud thinking about the graduation of one of our girls at the Refuge Safe Home tomorrow night. Honestly, for any child who has experienced complex trauma and can even manage to function, let alone, buckle down & defy the odds as she has; get a GED that nobody ever thought she’d be able to get; or even live long enough to do such a thing. She never had the chance to be in the marching band, have that ‘first’ date…or experience all the fun awkwardness that High School offers as a rite of passage into early adulthood. At 15 years old, she came to our safe home as a trafficking victim, pregnant with her first child. She is a miracle! Thank you, God, for her life and for her story. It matters and it will be remembered and re-told. The greatest victories come from the greatest impossibilities.





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