PRN Supporting Caregiver I (as needed)

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Location: Specialized Foster Home in East Texas, (undisclosed location)

Shift: 9am-9pm

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

2 Thursdays a month

Compensation: Hourly

This position requires mandatory training and initial fees  to be reimbursed after a 3 month probationary period.

Job Description

Job Title: Supporting Caregiver II
Department: Residential
Reports to House Parent/Residential Coordinator
Schedule: 40 hrs/week Fri-Sun 9AM-9PM (2 Thursdays a month)

● Salary: $20,000 – $23,000 (PRN is based on hourly wage)
● Medical/Dental insurance allowance (10% of annual salary per year)
● 7 Days of Personal Time off and one day for each additional year worked. (4 week notice required)

● At least 25 years of age
● High school diploma or equivalent
● Be qualified on the basis of personal character to work with this young population.
● Have a valid Texas Driver’s License
● Must receive a favorable Criminal Records Check.
● Display the motivation and desire to learn and develop appropriate childcare skills and meet all the employment qualifications as outlined in the policy of Arrow Child & Family Ministries and the mission statement of Refuge of Light.
● Be stable, firm, assertive, committed, flexible, and capable in pressure situations.



● Supporting Caregiver shall be called of God; committed to serve and willing to work to create a Godly Christian home atmosphere.
● Participate in mandatory training through Arrow Child & Family ministries and Refuge of Light. (ongoing in-service training program)
● Be prepared to work for (Supporting Caregiver I) as needed in an emergency.
● Manage any potential problems that are minor in nature.
● Contact House Parent/Residential Coordinator with problems of a more major nature and document incident.
● Actively intervene in crisis situations, alert House Parent/RC and document incident.
● Help transport residents to approved appointments. Know where each young woman is when she is outside the home.
● Follow schedule, help with programs and cooking.
● Help monitor leisure time activities and assist volunteer mentors.
● Set an example of a loving Christian, able to guide and direct a family situation.
● Maintain a Christian environment that is joyful, relaxing, peaceful, and fun.
● Assists each woman in developing her gifts and talents by recognizing such gifts and lending encouragement and praise.
● Be responsible for notification of appropriate people for medical and other emergencies.
● Be responsible for working with the Residential Coordinator to ensure that all state regulations are met.
● Be responsible to greet volunteers/intakes/caseworkers when they come to the home.
● Provides emergency and first aid treatment until relieved by medical professional or other designated staff.
● Provides crisis intervention as needed to prevent escalation of high risk behaviors.
● Attend any workshops or conferences that are recommended to increase skills and staff development.
● Cooperatively work on projects that benefit the whole ministry.
● Be teachable and follow directions as given by the House Parent/RC.
● Basic writing skills are required. (for notes)
● Must be able to maintain professional boundaries and confidentiality.
● Must attend work regularly and be on time.
● Be familiar with emergency plans in case of fire or bad weather to include evacuation plan.
● Meet weekly with House Parent/RC to address any problems or suggestions.
● Initially you will be required to pay for your fingerprints. The cost is $41.45. However, after a 3-month probationary period you will be reimbursed.
● You will also be required to take a CPR course that you must initially pay for. However, after a 3-month probationary period you will be reimbursed.


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