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A simple question leads 2 little ones to Christ..

by / 0 Comments / 34 View / April 4, 2015

I sat in our weekly DQK Club as we prepared for a day of fun watercoloring with Betty Knight. Betty is an anointed woman of God who loves to use her gift of pottery, painting, and drawing to display Christ through art. I have known better for some time and honestly she has many other gifts besides these. She is also a beautiful counselor to broken hearts and has a grand amount of love to share with others. This too I have witnesses first hand.

It was the day before Easter and God had led her to paint that which displays His death and resurrection.  Quite quickly she asks a simple question. “Girls who has given their lives to Christ?” Some raised their hands. “Ok, girls, who would like to give their lives to Christ?” I watched astonished as several others raised their hands. Boy I think sometimes we go around the world as if we are embarrassed to discuss salvation…when people not only need Christ but frankly want HIM! It was most beautiful.

Betty began to share with them the gospel and how much Jesus loved them….and us. I watched as each picture began on a blank white page…but finished with a cross and declaration “HE IS RISEN.” At the end of class 2 girls professed faith in Christ. Now they receive a new life..new beginnings..

Enjoy the pictures! Praise His Name!!



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